Fountain Within Ministries

"The glory of God is man fully alive" St Irenaeus


Fountain Within Ministries

Guidance on restoring your authentic self and developing healthy relationships. Only digital downloadable booklets & videos are sold. Links will be emailed after confirmation of payment is received.

Module 1 Brokenness & Healing

Understanding the origin of brokenness and the road to healing and restoration. Know the truth of your being.

Module 2 God's Arena Part 1

Obtain insight into God's physical, ethical & time arena. Learn how to deal with your past in order to become fully alive in the present and a creative participant in life.

Module 2 God's Arena Part 2

Understanding why you stay stuck in drama and obtaining skills to move into ownership and freedom.

Module 3 Relationships Dynamics

Your were created from relationship for relationship. Discover the main differentiator and explore your attachment style, the difference between insecure and secure as well as codependent and interdependent relationships.

Module 4 Emotional Tanks

You have five emotional tanks operating in each of your relationships. These tanks need to be filled up and maintained to enable you to regulate your feelings, thoughts and choices wisely through challenging times.

Module 5 My Reality

Your self-perception is the most important perception. All ability to love begins with your ability to love yourself in a balanced way as intended by God. In this module you will discover specific distortions in your perceptual lens in order to receive healing and restoration.

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