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"The glory of God is man fully alive" St Irenaeus





Prayer for Inner Healing

Lord before I was even born, You knew me. You told Jeremiah that You knew him before he was formed in his mother’s womb. Thank you that you know me and everything about me. You know every secret, heartache, joy and longing of my heart. My life is like an open book to You. Thank you for regenerating my form and worth on the cross and putting me back into the Fellowship of the Trinity.   

Nothing in my past happened that you do not know or care about. You know the effect it had on my life, the wounds from my past I carry with me daily. I know now that what they did saddened and broke your heart with mine and that you long to heal and to restore me.  I experience some or all of the following feelings: 

·        I feel rejected;
·        I feel unworthy:
·        I feel ashamed;
·        I feel not good enough;
·        I feel so alone;
·       I feel insecure and unsure of myself; 
·        I get hurt easily;
·        I display behaviour that I myself do not understand sometimes; 
·        I have this urge to always prove myself;
·        I desperately want people to like me and speak well of me;
·        I have an incapacity to naturally connect with others;
·        I struggle to experience Your love as a reality in my life.

You know what the roots of these feelings and behaviour are. Please guide me to be able to work through the pain of my past. Bring to my remembrance the incidents that caused my heart to be shattered. Thank you that I can ask You to heal my heart because You came to heal the broken-hearted and to set the captives free. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for wanting to work out the healing in my life.  

1.        Lord, You the omniscient and omnipresent God know what happened before, during and after my birth. Maybe my parents didn’t want me, maybe there was some trauma during my delivery or maybe I didn’t receive the love and affection from my Mother immediately after my birth that I needed. If anything negative happened with regards to my birth that had a negative effect on the development of my character and personality, I choose to forgive my parents and the doctors and set them free. Will You please heal my heart and restore my soul.

2.        I bring my years as a little child before you. You know that I frequently felt as if my Mom and Dad didn’t really want me. I received so little love from them. I can barely remember one of them ever picking me up and holding me close or just giving me a hug or telling me that they loved me. I only remember how they criticized me and how nothing I did was ever good enough. Many days I longed for some encouragement and appreciation from them. I clearly remember how many times I was unfairly punished for things my brother/sister did. They frequently compared me to the other siblings and told me how I had to change to be more like one of them. 

Lord, I also remember those nights when I was so scared because I heard my parents arguing. It was terrible when my dad yelled and used bad language, especially those nights when he came home under the influence of alcohol. How often I wanted to defend myself but was never allowed the opportunity. 

Lord I submit myself to you and choose to forgive my mom, dad, brother/sister for everything they said and did to me that left scars on my heart, I write it off and set them free of the debt I felt they owed me in the name of Jesus Christ. Heal my heart Lord.

And Lord those times my dad/grand-dad/uncle/brother/mom/grand-mother/aunt/sister/friend indecently touched and molested me as a little girl are like raw, open wounds in my heart. I still feel dirty, ashamed and guilty when I think about it. I struggle to connect with my husband sexually, I resent it whenever he approaches me. It is difficult for me to think about sex as something holy and beautiful.  

Lord, because I love you and you have regenerated, cleansed and forgiven me all my sin undeservedly, I now choose to forgive _____________________ (name the person who touched/molested/raped you) for what they did to me. I choose to forgive them for what I feel they took from me. I write off their debt and hand them over to You. Come into this place Lord and heal my heart. (Sit with Jesus here for a moment and just focus on His presence)

Lord please forgive me for the unforgiveness, bitterness and hatred I carried towards them all these years. I also forgive myself and repent of all the negative lies I believed about myself because of what happened to me.  Thank you for loving me and showing me that I’m made in your image, valuable and have been made worthy in Jesus. Heal my heart Lord and help me to work with you in restoring my intimate relationship with my husband.

3.      Lord Jesus, please remind me of the unpleasant things that happened during my years in school. I remember when the teacher humiliated me in front of the whole class, I can still see the kids laughing at me.   For some or other reason the teacher had his knife in for me and felt as if he couldn’t stand me. 

Today I forgive my teachers for what I feel they did to me and cannot give back to me. I write their debts off and set them free. Please forgive me for harbouring unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment towards them and heal my heart Lord. (The Lord will remind you of specific incidents during your school years. Pray and forgive every teacher/pupil for what they did to you and set them free. Again, spend time with Jesus here ask him into the situation and let Him speak to you words of comfort & healing). 

4.      I have a disability (speech, hearing, sight or physical etc). It tore me apart when children/people made fun of me because of it. I felt so powerless and victimized and it made me angry because I couldn’t do anything about it. It reinforced my feelings of inferiority. 

I forgive every person that in one way or another made fun of my disability and set them free. Please forgive me for my bitterness and for believing the negative things people say over the Truth You say about me Lord. I ask you to heal my heart and renew my mind, help me to see me through Your eyes. 

5.      Lord I bring to you the wounds caused in my adult years and my marriage(Open yourself up for the Holy Spirit to help you deal with every hurt you’ve experienced step by step).  

I choose to forgive my husband for all the pain he caused me. I forgive him for every rude and harsh word, for every insult, beating and embarrassment I had to endure. I forgive him for the times he did not honour our wedding vows. Although I don’t feel like it and don’t feel that he deserves it Lord, I choose to write of everything I feel he owes me because Lord I want to be obedient to you and free from the shackles and chains of unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment. Lord, please heal my wounds, help me to guard my heart and put the right boundaries in place for my own behaviour. (Spend time with Jesus here, let Him in, allow His healing and restoration of who you are to flow over you). 

Lord, also please forgive me for every time I did not honour my wedding vows.  Forgive me for not respecting myself and my husband by not saying no and not doing something about the wrong behaviour because of my fear of abandonment.  Teach me Your ways to value, respect and love him and myself wisely (Philippians 1:91, Peter 3:1-5) and to be interdependent and not codependent.  Help us to submit to each other, be honest, challenge and love one another in such a way that we become the truest versions of ourselves.  Help us to say “yes” to what is kind and good and “no” to hurtful behaviour.

In the Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

 Remember forgiveness is a choice I make, but also a process I work through. I choose to forgive and ask God to heal my emotions towards the person who wronged me, Matthew 6:14- 15 and Hebrews 12:15).  

I also need to confess my sin, even if it was just the unforgiveness I carried in my heart, and ask God’s forgiveness for it. I need to forgive myself and break any negative agreements I made about myself or about someone else or my marriage that is not in-line with God’s Word. 

I may for a while still experience feelings of hurt but the healing of your heart started the moment you chose to forgive. Restoration is a process and the devil will try to convince you that you did not forgive. When the hurt feelings re-emerge just take authority and state out loud that you have forgiven the person and did write off the debt you felt they owed you.