Fountain Within Ministries

"The glory of God is man fully alive" St Irenaeus

Women young and old go through seasons of change.  Our sense of self with regards to who, what, where and why we are, often fades and we drift away from knowing, feeling and doing the things that make us come alive.  Every women and girl needs to know her worth, become aware of the truth of her being and conscious of who she is becoming.

It is important to own and tell the story of your heart.  Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, tired, depressed, brokenhearted or like giving up?

In the counselling sessions you will be guided to rediscover your true self and shown the way to emotional healing.  You will be equipped with skills, which if practiced, will enable you to become real and fully alive in your soul and in your relationships.

The aim of the counselling is for you to regain your authentic self, learn to deal with change and handle conflict and obtain improved lifestyle changes that can be sustained.

Contact Monica for affordable in person or online counselling on Services & Fees page or else make use of the  booklets/study guides and videos available on the Shop page.


“It is not what happens to me, but rather what happens in me, that will shape, color and write the story of my life.”

William James